Yamaha Motorcycle Hire in the UK from RoadTrip

RoadTrip’s Yamaha motorcycle hire service allows you to ride some of the very best Japanese motorcycles built today. Yamaha goes from strength to strength and here at RoadTrip, we have chosen some of the very best Yamaha motorcycles for you to hire. For our rental fleet, we have a Tracer 7 and a Tracer 9 GT available to hire. We also have two examples of the trusted Yamaha YBR125, which is ideal for learners and for use in town.

Yamaha MT Rental – versatile performance

The Yamaha Tracer 7 is an easy and fun bikes to ride. A narrow body and comfortable seat makes it easier for some riders to ride than other marques. The Tracer 9 GT is setting new standards for comfort and performance in its class.

The Tracer 7 is the class leading lightweight tourer from Yamaha. We think these are the best small/light touring motorcycles available. Based on the same drivetrain as the MT-07, it is an excellent light, mid-sized tourer for both men and women. It is available with full touring luggage for hire as well.

For more experienced riders we offer the Tracer 9 GT which is a 120hp sports tourer and an exciting ride. This bike has electronic suspension and riding modes so the throttle response of the torquey three-cylinder motor can be set to suit all riding styles and conditions. It also has an excellent quick-shifter. The Tracer 9 GT improves on the preceding Tracer 900 series and is, pound for pound, one of the best motorcycles we run.

‘L’ Plate Learner motorcycle hire – rent a 125cc Yamaha YBR125 from RoadTrip

After you have passed your CBT then you can hire our YBR125 (complete with “L” plates) to get some practise in before you take your DAS tests. This is also an ideal motorbike to hire for local commuting.

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