Triumph Motorcycle Hire from RoadTrip

At RoadTrip we have a Triumph Motorcycle rental that will suit your riding style and your purpose. Whether you are planning to tour Europe or to explore the English countryside, we can supply you with the bike, the Triumph luggage and the riding gear to make the most of your RoadTrip.

Triumph motorcycle history and design

The heritage of the Hinckley brand has been appreciated for decades and Triumph motorcycles have a global following. Riders from all parts can now rent Triumph motorbikes from RoadTrip to experience their unique character.

Triumph make a wide range of motorcycles: from sports bikes to adventure tourers and cruisers. We have a great cross section of Triumph motorcycles for hire which represent four of Triumph’s most popular series.

Retro Classic motorcycle rental

Like few other marques, Triumph has captured the spirit of its historic appeal in the Triumph Bonneville. Our two liquid-cooled Bonneville T100 hire motorbikes feature the bodywork and styling cues of their famous 1960s ancestor. Of course, at RoadTrip we also have Bonneville luggage for hire with the bikes.

Touring motorcycle hire

For 2018 Triumph has redesigned the successful Tiger 800 XRx , With its lighter motor and modified screen and dash and exhaust, this versatile motorbike is even better to ride than earlier Tigers. The XRx is an ideal motorcycle to hire for touring, and at RoadTrip we offer the best fleet of Tiger rental motorcycles in the U.K.

In summer 2015, New Zealander Rhys Lawrie became the youngest person to ride around the World on a motorcycle, aged 23. Rhys rode his Triumph Tiger 800 all the way with no support crew. He started and finished in London and rode 56,850 miles in 15 months. And the score? 5 rear tyres, 4 front tyres, 3 chains, 2 sprockets and not a single puncture! Well-deserved good fortune, we should all be so lucky!

Sports Touring motorcycle hire

In addition to the 800cc Tigers, RoadTrip offers the excellent Tiger Sport for hire. Extensively updated in 2017 with over 100 changes to the engine alone, the Tiger sport is much more than just a Tiger with a bigger engine. It is the original adventure-sports touring motorcycle and is now better than ever.

Cruiser motorcycle hire

Rent the RoadTrip Triumph Thunderbird to ride a classic cruising motorcycle. A big, lazy engine with masses of torque, a comfortable riding position and the ability to eat up the miles in a way that only a bike like this can. We have upgraded the seat and added a mid sized touring screen to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. Luggage and Sat Nav units are available as well.

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