Bike Normandy / BN Tours

BN Tours and Bike Normandy - A roadTrip Partner - +44 (0)1483 662 135John and Jeanette Eggleton established their twin businesses in 2003. BN European Tours runs their guided European tour schedule, while Bike Normandy, based at their home in northern France caters for short breaks including both on-road and off-road adventures in the French countryside.

BN European Tours has a liaison office in the UK and their schedule includes trips to France, Germany, Northern Spain and the Alps throughout the riding season. Helpfully, they tour with a support van, which carries luggage. This is great if you want to ride light or if you are planning to take a sports bike on tour.

John and Jeanette’s popular hospitality has a loyal following of returning riders whose names are proudly displayed on their ‘leaderboard’. We reckon this says a great deal about the quality of their operation.

If you would like to join one of their European tours or take a short break in Normandy staying as a guest at John & Jeanette’s farm house and enjoying guided day rides in the Norman countryside on a RoadTrip rental motorcycle, then please give us a call to reserve your ride.

Full contact details for both operations are available on the Bike Normandy and BN Tours websites.