Air Moto Tours – based in France, touring in Japan & Norway.

We contacted Dominique Best about his motorcycle tours in Japan and Norway, after he emailed RoadTrip to tell us about AirMoto Tours. Dominique is an experienced, well-travelled French rider based in Versailles, near Paris. He speaks good English.

We asked him: why Japan and Norway? – what’s the connection? His answer was simple: he wanted to create tours with a difference, and he knows from personal experience that they are both wonderful countries to ride in. We have to agree: we have also visited both Norway and Japan and can confirm they have excellent roads, dramatic scenery and great hospitality.

His original tours are carefully planned and include motorcycle rental as well as all accommodation and local travel bookings. So you can fly in to Scandinavia or Japan, pick up your bike and meet the tour ready to roll.

If you have never visited Japan, Dominique offers an opportunity to tour this spectacular, beautiful country on a choice of motorcycles. These include Harley-Davidson, Triumph, and all the Japanese marques. You will be accompanied by Dominique, and his local, Japanese riding partner who speaks French, English and Italian as well.

The current Norwegian tour includes a loop through Sweden to pick up bikes and explores the fjords and the southern half of the country – plans to visit the Arctic Circle are underway. If you are interested in exploring these lesser visited, sophisticated countries and riding excellent bikes through magnificent landscapes, AirMoto Tours would be a good place to start your enquiries. Air Moto’s website is here.