UK & Ireland Motorcycle Tours

If you want to explore the UK and Ireland on a motorcycle look no further! We offer the best self-guided motorcycle tours around England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. You can choose to ride from three days to three weeks or longer.

Your tour includes accommodation with breakfast, a comprehensive tour pack, and pre-booked tickets. Full route plans are pre-programmed into a GPS SatNav units.

Take your own bike or ride one of our top spec. hire motorcycles. All RoadTrip motorbikes come equipped with full luggage, and GPS SatNav units. We include insurance and roadside assistance as standard.

UK Motorcycle Tours

Exclusive to RoadTrip customers. A flexible 3 to 6 day tour exploring the mountains, moors and ancient countryside of south west England & Wales.

Tour England and Wales and sample the best roads in the UK. The tour combines some great routes with visits to famous places and varied landscapes.

Ride through England, Wales and northward into Scotland, visit Edinburgh Castle and ride some outstanding routes to visit ancient sites in spectacular country.

Take a full tour of the best riding roads of England, Wales and Scotland including Snowdonia, the North Coast 500 route and the Isle of Skye. The Outstanding UK mainland motorcycling tour.

Ireland Motorcycle Tours

Head northwest to Liverpool and take the ferry to Dublin, and spend a week riding the best motorcycling roads on the Emerald Isle, to return to the UK and wind your way homeward through spectacular Wales.

A two-week motorcycle tour of the UK and Ireland designed to explore some of the best biking roads in England, Wales and Ireland. Visit ancient sites and enjoy legendary hospitality.

Take three weeks to explore the whole of the British Isles by motorcycle: England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  If you want to see it all and ride more than 3000 miles of the best motorcycling roads, this is the only tour for you. Extraordinary.