RoadTrip terms & conditions for motorcycle hire.

The following summary is for information purposes. Full terms and conditions are included in the Rental Agreement which is the definitive contract.

Booking & Rental periods

  • All motorcycles and equipment are rented subject to availability.
  • All rentals are for a minimum period of one day.
  • ‘One day’ begins from 8.45 a.m.
  • A ‘Weekend’ begins from 8.45 a.m. on Saturday.

By prior arrangement only, motorcycles and equipment may be collected the night before and returned the morning after the rental period (from 4p.m. and before 10a.m. respectively). There is no additional charge for this.

Hirer conditions

  • Unless agreed beforehand, hirers must be between 25 and 70 years old. Under certain circumstances we can ask the insurers to be flexible about these limitations – please enquire.
  • Where additional named riders are added to the rental agreement, they must meet all the same qualifications as the hirer. For the avoidance of doubt the hirer is always responsible to us for the vehicle and for observation of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
  • Hirers and riders must advise us beforehand if you intend to take the motorcycle outside of the U.K. so that we can provide you with the necessary paperwork. You must not take the motorcycle outside the UK without our consent and without the required paperwork being in your possession.
  • Insurers require that you have held a full motorcycle license for 2 years but some flexibility is available depending on circumstances. Please enquire.
  • 125cc motorcycles with “L” plates can be ridden by hirers with a valid license and CBT certificate. A full car license must have been held for at least two years.
  • International license holders may ride the same class and type of motorcycle that they are licensed to ride in their home country subject to the same age limitations and experience criteria (as imposed by our insurers) for UK license holders.
  • Our insurers require that hirers must provide us with a second form of photo identification and a third document to confirm your identity and current address. Passports, rent books, bank documentation (not more than one month old) or utility bills (not more than three months old) will provide the necessary details. This applies to both U.K. residents and to hirers and riders living overseas.
  • Overseas residents must provide passport details and information about where you are staying whilst in the U.K.
If you are able to scan and email your documents to us beforehand it will avoid delay and shorten the booking-in procedure when you collect your motorcycle. You must bring the documents with you when you come to pick up the motorcycle because we are obliged by our insurers to see the originals and to hold scanned copies.
  • You must tell us about any driving offences that you have pending or recorded on your licence before you make your booking, and they must be acceptable to our insurers. Non-disclosure could mean that the hire cannot go ahead and that you lose the rental fees you have paid us.
  • We will be unable to rent a motorcycle to any person who has been disqualified from driving during the last 24 months or who currently has on their license two or more convictions, more than 6 penalty points, or any of the following offence codes in the last 5 years:

UT – Theft or unauthorised taking
DR – Drink or Drugs
DD – Dangerous Driving
BA – Driving whilst disqualified
LC –  Driving without a Licence
CD – Careless Driving

UK licence holders need to provide us with a National Insurance number and consent so that we can access the DVLA web site on your behalf and see your driving record and confirmation of the licensing that you hold. Alternatively please provide the necessary access code from the DVLA web site in the week before your hire is due to start.

  • Racing, time trials, track days, off-road use, riding the Nurburgring, and motocross events are among the activities specifically listed and prohibited in the Rental Agreement terms and conditions. Commercial use for things like courier, taxi or delivery work is also prohibited. Please read the Rental Agreement carefully for full details. Non-compliance may void insurance cover and if the motorcycle is damaged at any time during the hire period then the hirer will be liable to us for the full cost of repair or replacement.
  • Hirers are responsible for payment of all tolls, tickets, penalty charges, fines etc. If we have to deal with them on your behalf, there will be an additional administration charge for each item.
  • Hirers are responsible for the security of all hire goods, and for damage and loss during the hire, including tyre replacement in the event of a puncture and excessive tyre wear in case of misuse.
  • Provided that all aspects of the Rental Agreement are observed by the hirer and additional riders, the hirer’s liability in respect of his/her responsibilities is limited to a sum not exceeding the Security Deposit.
  • We include a daily mileage allowance after which hirers are responsible for excess mileage charges as per the Rental Agreement. For extended hire periods we can discuss bespoke arrangements.
  • We ask that you bring the motorcycle back with at least the same amount of fuel as was in it when you collected it. If there is substantially less in the tank then we may charge you for the cost of replacing the fuel you have used. There is a minimum charge of £10.

Rental Payments

  • A minimum of 25% of the rental fees will be taken at the time of booking. (The ‘rental deposit’).
  • The balance of the rental fees (if applicable) will be due as per the agreed timetable and not less than 60 days before the recorded rental period begins. (The ‘due date’).
  • If full payment is not received by the due date, we may cancel the booking and fees may be applicable at our discretion.
  • The hirer may cancel a booking before the due date, in which case cancellation charges will apply in accordance with the rental agreement. A minimum £25 administration charge may be applied.
  • No partial refunds are made for early returns.
  • Unauthorised extension of the rental period will be charged per day or part thereof, at the full, advertised, daily rates.
Therefore, please be absolutely sure about your booking dates and please keep us updated with your plans and progress.


Before you collect the motorcycle we will take a security deposit from you in the form of a pre-authorisation against your credit or debit card. When you sign the rental agreement you are also authorising us to debit your card for any additional charges that you incur (for example in respect of additional mileage, rental extension, loss, theft, damage, fuel, unpaid fines etc.)

Your security deposit will be released after the motorcycle and other hired equipment have been returned safely and fully inspected by us. If the motorcycle needs to be cleaned before a full inspection can be made it is unlikely that we will be able to do this while you wait.

Accident and Breakdown

If you have an accident during the hire, then, after you have dealt with any injuries, the first thing you should do is to take note of the details of any other parties involved and any available witnesses. Then call us to advise us of the incident and to tell us the details of what has happened. Photographs of the scene are also helpful if you can take some.

  • You are not authorised to admit liability to anything on behalf of RoadTrip or our insurers.
  • In the event of accident, you are covered for third-party liability by our insurance.
  • If you have a breakdown you are covered by our Breakdown Assistance service.
  • In the event of an accident you may be liable to us for additional costs of repair, loss, damage or recovery etc.
  • Repairs will only be carried out by our authorised mechanics and only at our instruction.
  • After any incident, if the motorcycle is unusable or is unrepairable during your hire, we offer neither refund, nor replacement.

Equipment Rental

All vehicles, equipment, helmets and clothing are hired at the hirer’s risk and no warranty is given or implied as to the level of protection provided in the event of an accident.