2-By-Two Motorcycle hire.

RoadTrip’s 2-by-Two motorcycle hire allows two riding buddies to hire two bikes and for each to be insured to ride both bikes. So you can swap and ride both motorcycles during the hire period. Just let us know before you go and we will arrange the paperwork. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS.  Take some different bikes away for a few days and see how they stack up against each other. R 1250 GS versus Tiger 1200 XRt? No problem!

Come and ride a Ducati Multistrada V2S and compare it with our Yamaha Tracer 9GT. Or maybe a Tiger 900 GT Pro vs an F900XR TE? If you are thinking about buying any of these fantastic machines, then what better way to see how they compare with each other? Ride them back to back and get a second opinion from a friend at the same time!

Whatever you decide and whatever your reasons, 2-by-Two Motorcycle hire from RoadTrip means that there is twice the fun to be had. Just ask us about this option when you make your bookings. If you are planning a RoadTrip for three riders with three bikes, no problem! We can easily make it 3-by-Three!