Seven Reasons to Rent a Motorcycle from RoadTrip

Motorcycle Touring Holidays, Weekend Breaks, Events or a Day Out

Seven Reasons to Rent a Motorcycle from RoadTrip:

Motorcycle Holidays, Weekend Breaks, Events or a Day Out
Take off on a motorcycle adventure. Scratch that itch! Dodge the traffic, beat the queues, ride some unbelievable roads in the UK and Europe.

Value for Money Motorcycling
We take great care of our machines so that you can enjoy them at their best. Our mission is to ensure that all our customers enjoy their motorcycling to the max. AND our rates are very competitive.

Are you a Biker without a bike?
We know there are lots of riders out there with a license but no bike. If you want to re-discover motorcycling, then RoadTrip is here to help. We have everything you need to get back on a bike whenever the mood takes you.

Test rides – try before you buy
If you are thinking about buying a new bike, why not rent for a weekend from RoadTrip and really get to know it first? A couple of hours at a dealer is not enough time to test a bike. Come and find out if it is comfortable and if it suits your style. It will be money well spent.

Try a different bike – horses for courses
If you want to go on a tour two-up with luggage, then your pride & joy sports bike may not be the best machine for the job at hand. Keep the mileage off your own bike and enjoy being on the right bike for the job.

On the other hand, if you have never ridden a pure sports bike, now you can. Take off for a day or three and see what all the excitement is about!

Compare Motorbikes
Our ‘2-by-two’ rentals let two (or more) riding buddies take out two of our bikes and for both riders to ride both machines. It’s a great way to try out, compare, and enjoy different bikes.

Long Term costs – rent or buy?
How many miles a year do you ride? If you only ride occasionally then motorcycle rental may be a much lower cost option for you. Consider the initial outlay to buy a bike, the costs of depreciation, servicing, storage and insurance. Rent from RoadTrip and you can ride a choice of the best machines whenever you want — and you don’t have to clean them afterwards!

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