RIDING IN FRANCE: New laws for Motorcyclists from 2016.

According to French government statisticians, too many people die in accidents on French roads. Therefore, they have introduced some regulations in an attempt to reduce the number of fatalities. These apply to all motorists and motorcyclists including international visitors.

From January 2016 motorcyclists (both rider and passenger) riding in France must carry High Visibility vests with them for use at the side of the road in case of breakdown. Compliance is the rider’s responsibility. On-the-spot fines will be issued by Police for non-compliance. We carry a stock of these vests to provide to our customers without charge – subject to availability. It is NOT a requirement to ride in Hi Viz clothing.

There is a legal requirement for all motorists and motorcyclists to carry a breathalyser in France, but it is not legally enforceable. Therefore, we do not regard this as being mandatory.

In France Speeding at 40kph over the limit now gets you an automatic ban on the spot. This means that if you are caught speeding, our bike will be confiscated and impounded – which will be expensive and utterly miserable for you: we will have to come and pick it up at your additional expense, and you will not get to ride your tour.

Apparently the French authorities have recently purchased hundreds of unmarked vans as well. These will be equipped with laser speed detectors and stationed on auto-route bridges etc. to catch unsuspecting motorists – who will be flagged down, automatically breathalysed, and fined and/or banned. We recommend vigilance.

RoadTrip disclaimer: we provide this notice for information purposes only. As always, it is the responsibility of all riders and passengers to abide by the rules of the road in the countries they visit, and to familiarise themselves with the regulations and laws of those countries.

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